Hi there! My name’s Jessie (as you could probably guess) and I’ve always been a writer. Here’s where I write mostly these days.

I’m a 22 year old originally from South Kingstown, Rhode Island. I spent 2 years in Boston attending Northeastern University before dropping out. I now split my time between Franklin, MA and Amherst, MA living with Drew, my love. He’s in college and I work and we’re trying to get our own place together.

I’m a lifestyle and wellness blogger, but lately have been very into skincare and beauty. Basically, I talk about a little bit of everything under the sun, and I hope you’ll join me down this blogging rabbit hole!

Some fun facts about me:
– I have chopped off my hair 3 times now and donated it to cancer patients going through chemo
– Absolute lover of crime/medical shows (did someone say Law and Order: SVU or Grey’s Anatomy?)
– I was classically trained in Vaganova ballet since age 5
– I fostered a cat after leaving Northeastern for 7 months, she was 13 and named Chloe
– I was on the cover of the Northeastern University Admissions student pamphlet for a few years
– I’ve been skiing since age 3 (and hope to never stop!)


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