VIIcode’s T2 Oxygen Eye Cream: A Review

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As a general rule, I usually don’t buy eye creams because a) I never remember to use them in my routines and b) they never seem to do anything for me. Why buy a separate eye cream when I’m already using a moisturizer on my face? Can’t my moisturizer just do double duty…? So when VIIcode reached out and offered to send me their T2 Oxygen Eye Cream, I didn’t expect much from it. I figured it’d be hydrating, firming, maybe it’d help with my dark circles, but overall I didn’t think the results would warrant the $99 price tag that the 5ml jar of product retails for. However, I was still curious (and hopeful!) about whether a luxe, high-end beauty product would yield better results than the bargain eye creams I had tried in the past. So of course, given the chance, I took the brand up on their offer and have spent the past few weeks testing out the eye cream to review for all of you!

Now, I realize an eye cream that sells for $99 is out of most people’s budgets – mine included. I was sent this free of charge to review and ordinarily would not have purchased the product with my own money. That being said, I’m going to have to start saving because when I run out I’ll almost definitely want to repurchase. This eye cream actually provided some pretty incredible results and I am fully impressed by how my under eye area has been looking over the last 2-3 weeks.

The first thing I noticed when using this eye cream is that upon application, there is a brief cooling sensation which feels really nice and is potentially de-puffing to the under eye area. After that feeling fades, the skin under my eyes feels noticeably tighter and firmer. In the 3 weeks I’ve been using the eye cream, this tightening, firming effect has led to less fine wrinkles and creases in the corners of my eyes. The cream itself feels a little like a primer in texture and how it applies, which means it fills in and smooths out fine lines expertly (as a primer should!) That result alone makes this cream worth every penny of its $99 price tag. I love that this almost feels like a primer for my eyes, when at the same time it’s incredibly hydrating, plumping, and all the good things you want from an eye cream. Once the cream has fully absorbed, my under eye area feels silky smooth and looks slightly brighter as well; color me impressed, friends.

The ingredients in this luxury eye cream are expertly chosen and formulated, dating all the way back to Dr. Byrn Victor who created an eye cream for Napoleon’s wife Josephine 255 years ago. The site doesn’t feature a full list of the ingredients used, but highlights include evening primrose oil, jojoba oil, and elderberries (for those of you who know me, you know jojoba is one of my favorite oils!) There is essentially no scent to the cream, except for the hint of a fresh, sweet fragrance – another plus! Almost everything about this eye cream is a home run, and yet…

As impressive as this cream is, it’s still a large chunk of money to spend on just one product. Also, the cream claims to combat not only signs of aging but dark circles as well; however I did not find any evidence that it helped whatsoever with my dark circles. Still, this is the most an eye cream has done for me since I tested Drunk Elephant’s C-Tango Eye Cream, which is another fairly expensive option as far as eye creams are concerned. I’m starting to think that if I want my eye cream to have any effect at all, I need to spend $60 minimum just to see a result. If you’re with me, and are already in the higher price range as far as eye creams go, then this $99 one is a great option for someone looking for an eye cream that works. As for myself, I’ll be counting all the coins in my piggy bank to save for a re-up until further notice.

*This is a sponsored blog post, however all opinions within the post are 100% my own.


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