August Favorites

I’ve been quite lax in talking about my monthly favorites these past few months, doing short IGTV snippets or quick run-downs on Instagram while my blog has sat by the wayside, accumulating dust. But no longer! This month I’m breaking down the four products I was most in love with for all of August – and I’m getting it to you on the last day of August rather than the first week of September. This whole “being proactive” thing and writing pieces ahead of time might not last but monthly faves are here to stay on the blog! Ready to dive into my August favorite beauty products?

Olive + M \\ Shimmer + Glow Body Oil**

This is a summer holy grail for me, and the only reason this product isn’t on my ‘Favorite Products of Summer 2018’ list is that I only had this in my possession for the latter half of August. (I figured it was more apt as an August Fave for that reason.) The first thing you notice about this body oil is the unbelievable shimmer of the mica through the chic glass dropper bottle. The mica settles out over time, so simply shaking the bottle recombines the particles with the oil blend, and holy WOW is the emulsified formula stunning. It has a deep golden sheen and infinite sparkles within, and looks like a beauty product you could only dream of. I’ve said it on Instagram Stories and I’ll say it again: this is by far one of the most “Top Shelf” items I have in my arsenal for not only how it looks, but also how it feels and applies. This is, at it’s base, a wonderful body oil consisting of olive and argan oil. Olive oil is similar in molecular structure to our skin so this allows the oil to absorb quickly, whereas argan oil provides deep hydration and nourishment as the heavier oil in the mix. When you apply this to your skin, the oil dries down quickly and the mica settles gently on your skin, giving it a glowing shimmer that is lightweight and non-irritating. It’s simply gorgeous; from a distance the glow seems natural but close up you shine like a diamond in a Rihanna song! Besides the base oils and mica, the main components of this body oil are actually the EOs used to scent it. I’m head over heels for the fragrance of this oil, as it smells identical to a nostalgic place from my home growing up called The Fantastic Umbrella Factory. With notes of jasmine, sweet orange, vanilla, cedarwood, patchouli, black pepper, and vetiver, this body oil calls upon some strong memories for me. I’m hooked, and love this product wholeheartedly.


Atzen Skincare \\ BALANCE Hydrating Toner*

For me, toners just don’t do all that much. I like them well enough for the mist aspect and the nice scents, and occasionally for a refreshing spritz throughout the day, but they are by no means a necessary part of my everyday routine. So when Atzen sent along their hydrating toner from their Balance line, I was skeptical. Immediately I was drawn in by the neon blue color of the product, however! Most toners in my experience have been clear or cloudy water mixtures, but never BLUE. Consistency wise, this is thin and watery – not at all like some other aloe leaf juice + glycerin based toners I have on hand. When I first sprayed this on my face, I was put off by the mister being not fine in the slightest and the liquid stinging the corners of my eyes. Upon further testing however, I discovered that a simple spritz in the air above my head and me turning my face upwards does the trick. No more stinging eyes and fat droplets hitting you in the face! The product sinks in fairly quickly after spraying; only occasionally do I have to pat in some of the liquid. After it has dried, my face tends to feel rather tacky but in that excellent skin-prep-before-makeup way. Overall, I do think this keeps my face fairly hydrated throughout the day (not any better than my other toners but not any worse) but what I really like is how little product I use every time I spray it. I’ve been using this for all of August and my bottle looks like I’ve hardly made a dent versus all of my other toners which disappear after about 7 uses. While I won’t be repurchasing this once I run out, I do think this is an excellent affordable choice of toner and have loved using it in my routine for the month of August.


Little Barn Apothecary \\ Passion Fruit + Rose Enzymatic Exfoliant Mask*

This mask is perhaps my new holy grail acid mask for how strong it is, yet gentle at the same time. It’s effective in only 5-7 minutes and you should definitely not leave it on for more than 15! I made that mistake my second time using the mask, and was left with a pretty gnarly chemical burn for the better part of an afternoon. Barring user misconduct however, this mask truly is very gentle with its aloe vera base and AHAs in the form of fruit enzymes. Obviously passion fruit is one of the fruits used, but in addition there’s pineapple, lemon, and grape AHAs rolled into this product. The enzymes work to eat away at the dead skin cells clogging up your complexion, and the end result is glowing, smooth skin that looks incredibly healthy! The scent of this is a nice blend of passion fruit and rose, which is fresh and light, and the texture is absolutely incredible. Think Belif’s new Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask – it’s a similar gelatinous pudding that applies like a dream because of the gel consistency. I’m in love with how quickly this refreshes my complexion; within 5 minutes the mask has worked its magic. It’s pricey at $50 but I only need the littlest bit each use, so the pot of product is lasting me a very long time. Definitely worth the investment if you’re looking for a good quality acid mask for refining your skin tone but also something that’s gentle.


Cannuka \\ CBD Nourishing Body Cream

This was something I influenced my boyfriend to buy, and he has been loving it for the month of August (as have I!) It’s a body cream formulated using Cannuka’s signature cocktail of CBDs and Manuka honey. Drew uses this as his day and nighttime moisturizer, but I tend to use it how the brand intended: as a body cream. I suffer from eczema flare-ups and this summer I’ve had patches show up on my stomach area and where the underwire of my bra sits. This cream has been a lifesaver for the worst days, where the patches were so dry and flaky that my clothes began rubbing them raw. The CBDs in the cream work to soothe and repair skin (the science behind CBDs in skincare is something worth looking in to, or perhaps I’ll do a dedicated blog post to it sometime?) and the Manuka honey is anti-bacterical and anti-fungal, as well as moisturizing and healing. All things that are perfect for aggravated eczema spots! The cream itself is lightweight and sinks in pretty well, so no complaints there. I like lighter body creams much more than heavy ones, especially in the summer when the heat and humidity are unbearable, and the natural citrusy scent makes this one seem even more lightweight than it is. If you haven’t checked out the brand Cannuka yet, I’d highly recommend doing so as all of their products are ones you won’t want to miss. However, this body cream is an excellent starting point for someone looking to incorporate CBDs into their skincare routine. It’s something I found myself reaching for quite often, and my boyfriend can attest: this was an August fave for him too!

*gifted by brand, opinions my own

**purchased through Palm Influencers Club, opinions my own


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