First Impressions of Nazelie Skincare

A few weeks ago, Nazelie Skincare sent along a few products from their collection which were specifically tailored to my skin type and concerns. I’ve had some time to test them, but as any beauty blogger knows, it can be difficult to test ALL the products we receive in a timely fashion. Most products sit for a month or two before I can break into them, but in this case I was able to to at least try these products a handful of times and put together some initial thoughts for y’all. A huge thank you to Nazelie for this generous gift they sent my way! If you’re interested in trying these products for yourself, head on over to my Instagram (@scripturientskin) for a skincare giveaway with them I’ve just launched today.

A little background into the company: The brand was founded by aesthetician Gayane Mnatsakanova and her daughters, and is a fresh, handmade line of skincare products that uses all natural ingredients. Among these ingredients are olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil, beeswax, and pomegranate extract + oil. The brand (and family) philosophy is that “less is more” so they’ve only crafted 10 products; however, they’re 10 products that are versatile and can conform to any skin type or routine needed. All of their products are formulated without parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, artificial colors, PABA, petrolatum, or animal ingredients (vegan, save for the beeswax!) In addition, they are 100% cruelty free. All of their packaging is light-protective and the majority of it is glass, as this protects from light + oxygen and preserves product potency. Their product is made in small batches only, which is confirmed by the stamped date on every product box – you know what you’re getting is always a fresh! They’ve sent me four products: a cleansing mask, a cleansing milk/toner, a spot erasing/tone correcting treatment, and an eye cream; keep reading for my thoughts on each.

Peeling Mask

This mask sounds terrifying at first with the name “peeling mask”. And I’ll admit, the ingredients list was a bit curious to me as well. With ingredients like alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, sodium borate, and boric acid, this sounds stripping as all get out! But after using this a few times, I think this is a pretty decent cleansing mask. Nazelie recommends that this be used during your nighttime skincare routine, and that you leave it on for about 5 minutes. I left it on my face for about 7 minutes both times I used the product, and for the last 3 to 4 minutes I really started to feel some tingling. Obviously this means the mask is working, but what is really going on? What benefit was this giving my skin? After some research, what I think this mask does is use the boric acid content to gently exfoliate your face (and there’s some anti-acne benefit in there as well!) The camphor provides a cooling effect to your face and helps to stimulate blood circulation, and the base of this mask is shea butter so overall it’s not nearly as stripping as I thought it would be. The alcohol content definitely does dry out my skin more than other cleansers or masks alone would, so I follow this up with a hydrating toner for sure. However, my skin has been looking fresh + radiant and I think a lot of it can be contributed to this mask!


Cleansing Milk

I’m unsure of how to feel about this seemingly dual purpose cleansing milk/toner? Nazelie have suggested that this is for all skin types, to be used in your evening skincare regime. It has cleansing in the name, and yet this is not a cleanser; rather a fortifying tonic that you sweep over your face with a cotton pad after using the Peeling Mask. It’s quite a thin, creamy consistency but rich in nutrients and extremely nourishing for your face. I really liked the pump dispenser and the general packaging when I first received this product, and it functioned nicely upon using it. The brand claims this is excellent for moisturizing and softening the skin, which is plausible given the ingredients list contains names such as jojoba oil, aloe leaf juice, calendula, and echinacea. However, as alcohol is hidden way down in the ingredients list, I feel this does leave my skin a bit dry and tacky-ish which is uncomfortable to say the least. I’m going to experiment with adding another layer of hydration after using this, perhaps another hydrating toner or a sheet mask. My first impression of this overall is that it’d be good for if your first cleanse didn’t leave your face feeling clean enough because this is apparently both cleanser and toner in one. I didn’t like that, for something claiming to be nourishing, this felt as though it cleansed my skin too thoroughly and left it stripped. It’s an odd concept for a product in my opinion, and it may take me some time to test it out fully and discover how I best like using this.


Youth Illuminator: Spot Erasing and Tone Correcting Treatment

This was the star product sent to me, and one out of two products in Nazelie’s Anti-Aging Duo (there’s this cream, and a Youth Rejuvenator serum!) These products claim to be spot erasing and tone correcting, and can be used all over or as spot treatments. I was so hyped to see this in my gift set as I struggle with skin tone + hyperpigmentation issues so anything to combat those concerns is something I need in my collection. Initial thoughts on this jar of cream: it smells pretty awful to me. Not a terribly strong scent, but juuuust off-putting enough that I feel a little sick putting it on my face… It’s almost a chemical smell? Whatever it is, I’m not a fan BUT I can suffer on if it means a more even skin tone! The color of the product is a greyish, kind of “off” shade with darker speckles in it – don’t be alarmed and think that it’s gone bad in the shipping process! That’s just the natural pigmentation of the formula. Texture-wise, this is very similar to how other beauty bloggers have been describing the YTTP Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream: very pudding-like. It’s decadent and smoothing on skin, and absorbs into my face within seconds. The ingredients list on this product is stacked with healthy oils and butter, as well as a BHA and vitamin C for good measure. I haven’t had the time to observe whether this has had a noticeable effect on my skin tone or dark spots as of yet, but so far I’ve enjoyed using this daily and can’t wait to report back on the effects!


Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

Lastly, the brand sent me their eye cream, which by all standards should be called a balm and not a cream. It’s a thick, greasy, incredibly hydrating balm that melts with just the slightest bit of friction and warmth. I love using this at night under my eyes as it’s just so nourishing and I wake up with glowier under eye skin! Be careful not to use too much however, because this is potent stuff. I’ll likely have this little jar for years as you only need the tiniest pat of product to cover a large area. Too much of it leaves the skin feeling greasy and weighted down, so it’s a generally good idea to be conscious of the amount you’re using. I’ve also found I cannot use this during the day: my makeup doesn’t sit well on top of this, and even if I don’t wear any makeup, this exacerbates any sweat I have in my T-zone and leaves me looking greasy instead of dewy. The only ingredients in this little product are olive oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax – what a simple formula! I love that there’s no additives or anything unnecessary in there; cannot wait to keep using this for the foreseeable future!


Overall, this is a strong product lineup from a family skincare brand that I hadn’t heard of previously! I’m curious about some of their other moisturizing day and night creams after having tried their spot treatment, and not having one of the moisturizers in my collection. Have you tried Nazelie? Are you curious about them? Don’t forget about the giveaway going on right now on my Instagram page (@scripturientskin!)


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